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Real Estate Operations

Real Estate Investments

This fueled the creation of EMC Holdings, LLC. We're in the business of providing capital & people


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Property Managment & Vacation Rentals

Currently focusing in the Cape Cod (Barnstable County) area. Book at one of our accomodations or let us help you manage and be involved with your rental property.



Located at the tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown is quite the unique town. With a host of coexisting alternative lifestyles, P-town has become a mecca for the arts. Numerous galleries, theatres, museums and stores provide visitors with much to do during their stay. Provincetown is also a great place to take one the famous whale watch excursions. Don’t forget fabulous Race Point Beach. Watching the sunset is worth the trip alone.

Provincetown History and Information

Provincetown, situated at the tip of Cape Cod, was then visited by the Mayflowers passengers on November 21, 1620. The Pilgrims drafted and signed the Mayflower Compact, the document considered to be the foundation of democratic government in the United States, while moored in Provincetown Harbor. Provincetown was incorporated in 1727 and by the War of 1812 Provincetown had a thousand residents. During the war, these residents remained neutral and after the war, as whaling activities grew, whaling captains, replenishing their crews in the Cape Verdes and Azores brought Portuguese to Provincetown. As the whaling phased out, Provincetown became a centre for the Portuguese fishermen whose descendents are part of the backbone of Provincetown’s economy today. While fishing continues to represent a major part of life in Provincetown, today there is another side to Provincetown, which began at the turn of the 20th century when Charles Hawthorne established an art school. As an art colony, Provincetown flourished and in 1915 when the Provincetown Players was established, it became a mecca for theatre. Eugene O’Neill joined the players in 1916. Art, theatre and fishing still exist side by side in Provincetown. As do alternative lifestyles. As a place to visit, Provincetown is popular for many reasons. Want to go whale watching? The MacMillan Wharf is the place to start. Want to people watch? The human parade up and down bustling Commercial Street is an endless opportunity to satisfy the urge. Want to climb higher than anywhere else on Cape Cod and then indulge in some history? Climb the Pilgrim Monument, rising 252 feet above the 100-foot hill it sits on. Its cornerstone was laid in 1907 as President Teddy Roosevelt looked on and President Taft attended its dedication in 1910. For all the details and more of Provincetown’s history, the excellent Provincetown Museum is at the base of the monument.


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